“I can leave the sea but the sea never leaves me.”

SEA is for that huge expanse of salt water that covers most of the earth. Having worked on ships, it’s been my “home away from home” for many years.

In the digital space, the word SEA has also become my niche.

I’m your seafarer copywriter who writes strong copies for…

Social media, Emails, and Amazon product listings

Do you really need these types of service? Decide after reading this.

You spent months looking for that winning product. Most probably you have already wasted a ton of money on ads. Now the most important question is, “Are you really making profits with your items stuck in Amazon warehouse?”

There’s silence. You’re lost in your head putting question marks on your business activities. You wonder how many more failed campaigns are necessary before you can make it BIG.

I know dreams have ways of turning into nightmares and seeing a very poor return on investment is like having Amazon put a dagger in your chest.

But before your entrepreneurial confidence fades away and your Amazon dream gets obliterated, let me shake things up by telling you this.

“Competition is tough but there are tactical/ creative ways to get your product to the top.”


My strategy is simple.

Create copies that resonate with your audience, but most importantly create copies that SELL.

Increase their power by making them consumable in your

1. Social media channels

2. Emails (my expertise and most favorite!!!) and

3. Amazon product listing pages

On top of all these, I’m also a Klaviyo specialist. I can help you plan your email marketing strategies to promote and sell your products, build and nurture your relationships with your customers, and drive more revenue for your business.

Believe me, we can do so much with your list!

Check out my SERVICES!

woman a t the beach using social media on her phone

Canva, branding images and making them more attractive, crafting interesting content, post scheduling, hashtag research

Creating graphics, attention-grabbing subject lines to increase open rates, highly engaging email flows and converting email campaigns, list segmentation, and KLAVIYO

using laptop at the pool to write Amazon product listings

Helium 10, keyword research, optimizing listing (title, bullets, and description), creating EBC, writing product document sheets and eBooks

Is your company is serious about targeting existing and potential clients?

Words can determine the fate of your business. Use them wisely and they can have a positive impact on how your products are perceived by your audience. Leverage the power of copywriting to increase your marketing success!

Use my persuasive and hypnotic copywriting to…

Increase your brand  awareness

Establish trust and  relationship

Provide better customer service

Boost your page’s rank and traffic

Shoot up revenue and sales

Ready for some copywriting magic?

Send me a message to see if we’re a good fit!