Filipino SEA Woman

Jen Montenegro is your Filipino SEA Woman. She’s an experienced teacher and seafarer. She was a teacher for many years before she became part of the youth entertainment program of international cruise lines. She’s dedicated, hard-working, and honest. These traits enabled her to equip herself with many useful online skills even while she was still working on ships.

In 2018, she took up a 90-day book writing course while at sea. In less than a month she finished and self-published her book entitled, “Before You Work At Sea”. She decided to give the book for free in order to help aspiring seafarers know more about her industry. This is her way of giving back to express her gratitude for a special job that has given her so much joy.

Early on in her seafaring career, she has long considered working online but the nature of her job did not allow her to do so. When the global pandemic started she reckoned it’s the perfect time to revisit an old dream. Paolo Coelho, one of her favorite authors said,If it’s still in your mind, it is worth taking the risks.” And so she tried again.

In her pursuit to become outstanding at what she does and to establish herself professionally on the web, she looked for resources available online. She also sought out mentors who can help her do the job right. Her goal is to apply the lessons and skills she’s acquired by helping brand owners promote their business in various online channels.

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