This Day is For You

Psalm 103:2

This day is for You. My lips sing songs. My heart is full. Thank You.

Today a special dream of mine came true. I was finally able to share my book, my tiny piece of gift to the world. An inconsequential gift compared to what You did and what You gave.

As words are read and pages are turned, I hope they see Your face. With that kind look that displaces worry and fear. I hope they feel Your hands and hear Your voice that speak of lavish love that never ends. I pray they will be blessed. Abundantly. Exceedingly. In many ways we can’t imagine, a thousand ways we don’t deserve.

I know You share in my joy. Your delight overflows and you adore me even more. Thank You.

This day is for You. And all my tomorrows, too.   

I’ll follow my dreams.


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